zaterdag 29 maart 2014


One of the things I love to do is to visit Pinterest!! I'm an addict.
I learn a great deal from this site, but it also adds to the chaos of my brain. I get more ideas every time, ideas I would realy want to try!!

One of the things I found was the "Shadowbox"! I had to try this!
Here is my creation!

I started with a white Shadowbox and gleud scraps of wallpaper in each opening. Some ribbons on the sides. Then I searched for nice things to fill the openings. I Always have boxes filled with small things I can't get rid of or throw away. Thanks to that my Shadowbox now looks like this:

I loved this project and hope to make more of these! But then again, my blogs name says "Overloaded" and that means that my brain has to many nice projects it wants to try. We will see!

XXX Hannelore

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